Nassau County Parents of Multiples Club


If you've got twins, triplets, or higher order multiples, the Nassau County Parents of Multiples Club (NCPOMC) is here for you! Founded in 1960 (as the Nassau County Mothers of Twins Club), we are a non-profit organization that provides support, friendship, and encouragement. We understand what you're going through - we've been there! BENEFITS TO BECOMING A MEMBER:

  • Big Sisters to mentor you
  • Small group discussions
  • Meals for new Moms
  • Monthly award-winning newsletter
  • Monthly programs & speakers
  • Interactive website and members-only Facebook page
  • Equipment/Clothing exchange
  • Children's holiday parties
  • "Out and about" play dates
  • Make lifelong friends for parents and children
  • Family events, outings and parties
  • Playgroups, Book Club, Moms nights out
  • Activities for school-aged multiples
  • Lists of parks that are twin-friendly (i.e. totally gated)
  • Lists of indoor activities that are twin-friendly
  • Helping Hands program to support members in financial need

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month (except July and December) at the Parkway Community Church, 95 Stewart Ave, Hicksville, NY starting with support at 7:30 pm, business at 8:00pm and speakers or other program at 8:30pm. Light refreshments are always served. You are welcome to attend a meeting before joining to see what we're all about. For membership questions email - or for general questions email - Put all your worries to rest and come make some friends at the Nassau County Mothers of Twins Club!

A good neighbor will babysit, a great neighbor will babysit twins - author unknown